With our extensive experience in the industry we provide our clients with comprehensive, custom – made security risk solutions in the interest of mitigating and managing their unique security risks effectively.

Security risk assessments

Assessing your existing security measures and making practical recommendations to improve your overall security.

security design

Creating comprehensive security plans for your new development, while creating synergies between security personnel, security procedures, physical and technical security.

Independent security management

We offer the service of independent security management in the form of a security manager or security management team

Security Manpower

Your security workforce is one of your most expensive security expenditures. We collaborate with security service providers to ensure effectiveness and proficiency, ensuring that you receive value for money.

Electronic and Technical Security

We assist clients with making informed decisions regarding long-term purchases of security assets. We assist with the design, integration with other security elements and procurements process.

Security Training & testing

We offer customised training for security and non-security personnel, inter alia security awareness training, security personnel drills, hi-jacking prevention training and security management training. 

Cost Containment

We investigate potential cost saving strategies, while not compromising on the level of safety and security.

Investigations & Threat Managements

Investigations are a necessary part of dealing with certain issues within an organisation. We offer professional advice and solutions.