Personal Security Awareness Training

We offer specialised security awareness training courses for individuals, families, expatriates, professional drivers, employees and executives.  The training assists clients to gain knowledge, improve awareness and learning strategies on how to avoid unfavourable situations, as well as how to act in these situations. All training courses can take place at your chosen location.

Training course includes:

  • Security awareness – workplace
  • Security awareness – general and public areas
  • Expatriate security briefings
  • Hi-jack prevention training
  • Hostage situation survival techniques
  • Armed robbery situation survival techniques
  • Presence of mind – targeted at C-Suite
  • Profile awareness training (suspicious signs, questioning techniques)
  • Customer care and access control

Training course targeted at security personnel include:

  • Practical searches training– body search, baggage search, vehicle search
  • Introduction to document verification training (ID, Passports, Visa’s etc.)
  • Document and information security procedures
  • Bomb warning procedures
  • Evacuation procedures in the workplace
  • Customer care and public relations training


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