Security Consultancy

With our extensive experience in the industry we provide our clients with comprehensive, custom-made security risk solutions in the interest of mitigating and managing their unique security risks effectively.

Workforce’s are becoming more mobile, business are operating in multi-story environments and infrastructure is scatter across locations, plus the importance of information technology is growing daily. This makes the protection of every organisation’s assets, people and customers a prerequisite. Security risk management shouldn’t only be treated as a compliance issue resolved internally. Organisations should seek an unbiased and holistic view to assist them in mitigating and treating security risks.

Our Approach

Review, assess and design existing and new security systems and plans. Provide unbiased and independent advice and where practical, reducing security expenditure, while focusing on security management, manpower, technical security components and security procedures.

Identify & Assess

  • Existing internal and external security risks
  • Management structure; of the client and service providers
  • Security manpower
  • Physical and technical security
  • Facilities and security Integration
  • Security procedures
  • Cost efficiency of current measures

Independent Advice:

Recommendations are made on how to improve or design each security element;

  • Key-performance areas
  • Security policies
  • Serious incident response plans
  • Site specific procedures
  • Analysing and reducing expenditure on security


  • Planning of implementation
  • Overseeing of implementation
  • Training of stakeholders
  • Testing and Reviewing effectiveness


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