What is Independent Security Management (ISMS)?

It is the day-to-day management of security by a team or member unrelated to the organisation or the security manpower service provider

South Africa has a notably high crime rate compared to other countries. Private security plays a significant role for organisations operating in South Africa, in ensuring protection of assets and preventing interruptions to operations due to threats. Organisations spend a fortune on security, and it should be handled strategically, just like every other function of the organisation.

Often organisations don’t have the internal resources or expertise to proactively manage this function. It is then it is commonly found that to fulfil this role, businesses rely heavily on the security manpower service providers. For many reasons, this strategy isn’t the best, one being that manpower is only one aspect of a properly planned security plan and that a holistic approach, which includes other aspects such as management, procedures, physical, technical components and training, should be adopted.

URM offers Independent Security Management Services (ISMS) to address these challenges and assist organisations in handling their physical security risks.

Benefits of ISMS

Making use of an independent security manager or management team, such as control room operators, has various benefits


Can be rendered full-time, part-time or as a supportive service to the existing in-house security team

Cost Effective

Our services are affordable and where possible we work to contain security expenditure


Our members have extensive experience, resources, and knowledge across various industries


Improves diversity and reduces internal bias through an external perspective