The importance of independent security assessments

With our extensive experience in the industry we provide our clients with comprehensive, custom – made security risk solutions in the interest of mitigating and managing their unique security risks effectively.

Workforces are becoming more mobile, businesses are operating in multi-story environments and infrastructure is scattered across locations, plus the importance of information technology is growing daily. This makes the protection of every organisation’s assets, people and customers a prerequisite.

Security risk management shouldn’t only be treated as a compliance issue resolved internally, organisations should seek an unbiased and holistic view to assist them in mitigating and treating security risk.

Security Risk Assessments for Existing Buildings

The purpose of the security assessment is to evaluate and measure the current status of security elements in place, against the existing security risks; and to make recommendations on how to improve the security systems, to minimise these security risks.

Security Design for New Developments

As part of the project team for new developments, we offer independent security consultancy services to design and develop entire security concepts Our aim is to establish security strategies that reduce early and long term security spending, while not compromising safety and security

Our approach is to work in co operation with other stakeholders ( quantity surveyors, electrical engineers, lift specialist, space planning, facilities management, etc) in order to ensure that the security concept is implemented throughout all domains

Our areas of focus

As part of the security assessment, we evaluate several components of security

Security Risks

Establish the risks based on analysis of previous incidents and/or incidents at similar organisations and premises, while taking the crime statistics of the area into consideration

Security Management

Evaluate the effectiveness of the management structure of both the client and the service providers

Security Manpower

Evaluate the role that security manpower plays, as well as the effectiveness and proficiency of the security manpower deployed at the site.

Physical & Electronic

Evaluate the effectiveness of all electronic systems such as, access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, reporting systems, etc.

Security Procedures

Measure the effectiveness of security procedures as well as the implementation of documented procedures

What happens after a security risk assessment?

  • We present you with our report containing our findings and recommendations
  • We assist in creating an action plan to address any shortcomings identified during the assessment
  • We assist with the implementation of the recommendations made
  • We help identify reputable third party service providers where needed
  • We assist with continuously monitoring and updating the security plan to adapt to changing envirolments and risks