About Us

Unified Risk Management was founded in 2006 by our CEO Herman Watney, after his involvement in specialised intelligence and security risk services (government and private sector) since 1983. Our operations are headed by his expertise. The managing members and a team of specialists are dedicated to providing our clients with bespoke security risk solutions.

We are in the fortunate position of having previously gained significant experience within general and highly specialised security environments, which provides us with the opportunity to add value from the moment we are engaged. We have a sound reputation within the specialist security field and always provide a quality service to our clients.


Our Clients

Today Unified Risk Management services a portfolio of clients across all business sectors:

  • Construction
  • Telecommunications (communication headquarters and cellular phone facilities);
  • University campuses and other tertiary institutions.
  • Call center environment
  • Legal – offices and facilities
  • Private residents of c-suite members
  • Media – offices and warehouses
  • Tourism/hotels
  • Transport infrastructure and facilities
  • Mining and processing plants;
  • Industrial (steel, engineering);
  • Medical aid schemes, hospitals and related facilities;
  • Retail and related warehouse operations;
  • Shopping centres, offices and business parks;
  • Golf, lifestyle and residential estates;
  • Motor industry;
  • Manufacturing facilities;
  • Courier and distribution


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