Security and Threat Management

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, in some instances the outcome of the conflict can be an improved relationship, in extreme situations it can lead to lethal violence. The nature of a person’s employment increases the risk that threats can be made, for example, those working in customer services, human resources, ethics officers, mental health experts, policing, security, members of the legal profession, and politicians.

We provide clients with formal training to develop the skills and tools that will assist them in threat assessment and management. Advising clients what to be on the lookout for that could indicate changes in threat levels.  In addition, we provide a threat management plan to actively help reduce the level of threat.

Our overall goal is to bring peace of mind to the person or organization who is the focus of the threat, and assist with providing strategies on how to handle the situation.

Additional services include Preparatory Profiling:

Communication is the key to successful business dealings. As with any relationship, understanding your stakeholder’s personality, needs and interpersonal style, is key to communication and a successful relationship.

We assist clients with preparatory profiling, providing a deeper understanding of your business relationships even before they start. We conduct open-source enquiries with open source information to build up a personality profile of the person or persons with whom your organisation will be interacting with.


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