The next generation of truth verification

Validit Truth Verification

We are delighted to announce that Unified Risk Management has been appointed as the South African representative of a new, innovative truth and authenticity verification product known as Validit. The product is available on the market in South Africa from March 2023.

Validit is a mobile application, which is a reliable alternative to other truth verification products on the market. The test can be done from anywhere – as long as the person has access to a smartphone.

After years of research and operational experience in the truth verification field, together with behavioral science, AI, and computer vision (mobile phone camera-based), Validit has developed this unique, non-invasive product.

The application is ideal for pre-employment screening process, periodic testing, fraud detection , fraud prevention and investigations. Validit is adaptable, but not limited, to the banking, insurance, security, staffing and private sector.

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