IT Forensics – IT Infrastructure Environment Assessments

The exploitation of ICT vulnerabilities by unauthorised or malicious individuals (both internally and externally) could have a material impact on a company’s ability to deliver on its mandate. Our comprehensive assessment of a company’s IT Infrastructure environment ensures that known threats and weaknesses in the corporate IT environment are identified and mitigated in a timely manner, to ensure that attacks from the Internet, as well as from the internal network are controlled adequately.

Cyber Assessments

Cyber threats will continue to multiply. The advent of the digital world, and the inherent interconnectivity of people, devices and organisations, opens up a whole new playing field of information and communications technology (ICT) threats and vulnerabilities.

Cyber criminals and hackers alike have long since realised that it is much easier, passing a valid transaction as a fraudulent persona than breaking through multiple layers of corporate security. Therefore, personal cyber protection is becoming as important as the corporate Cyber Security strategies.

Our comprehensive Cyber Security assessment identifies personal cyber threats & vulnerabilities and provides sustainable remediation to address this.

Digital Forensics

Acquiring electronically stored Information from an assortment of modern devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, storage devices, GPS’, digital cameras etc.

Digital forensics requires the combination of computer science, integrity of evidence and investigative process that is applied to establish fact and determine the outcome of a judicial process.

URM’s team has the skill and experience needed to successfully conduct every step of the scientific process that is Digital Forensic Investigation.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

Depending on the ‘risk at hand’, various solutions in addressing your specific need will need to be tailored with you.

The following services can be provided to you:

  • Discovery And Examination Of Live, Deleted, Hidden, Encrypted & Formatted Data
  • Authentication Of Data
  • Fast And Effective Forensic Drive Duplication
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Forensic Data Analytics
  • Vulnerability IT Audits
  • Reconstruction Of Computer Usage
  • Preservation Of Electronic Evidence
  • Expert Testimony


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