Know who works for you

Have you ever been in a position whether you don’t know if you should appoint a person at your home or business? Can I trust this person?

Validating statements or disclaimers is a revolutionary mobile platform which provides highly accurate fraud detection in a remote and contactless manner and easily validates statements or disclaimers. An employer can validate statements and disclaimers before your new employee even enters your business or home via a smartphone.

Examples of statements and disclaimers could include:

  • Is the information on your CV accurate?
  • Are your qualifications valid and true?
  • Have you been dismissed from previous employment due to irregularities, such as theft?
  • Have you been involved in a serious criminal act before – detected or undetected?
  • Are your the person on your identity document?
  • Have your ever stolen anything from a previous employer?

    For more information or a demonstration of this product, contact Unified Risk Management.


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