Facilities Management Consultancy

Facilities Management processes involves independent reviews and constructive discussions regarding the efficiency of operations. We do this by engaging with the respective managers testing their procedures and together decide on logical ways of reworking their daily tasks. We also embark on a specific Facilities Management Training program to keep them updated with the necessary requirements for the tasks that they undertake.

Our costs containment programme gives us the opportunity to independently negotiate with various vendors on behalf of the organizations we represent and when savings are achieved we participate in a shared savings arrangement. This is highly lucrative for companies as they benefit not only from the savings achieved but also without any compromise to the quality of service or delivery of products. We help organizations with huge insurance claims liaising directly with the Insurers to get the maximum pay-outs for clients we represent.


This is an element where most companies do have the necessary plans but actual testing is not being done on a regular basis. Our involvement will be to assist companies in streamlining their plans and help with simulations at real scenarios. This approach is unique as we consider businesses from a unique position. We also provide a retainer programme and help companies achieve their desired results. For those companies who do not have processes, we assist with the necessary information required to formulate these plans and assist with the roll out. In these instances, we focus particularly with a hand holding session until clients are comfortable including retainer solution.


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